Stressed Out

Stressed Out

Making a pixilation featuring mad motion.

#film #photography

The brief for this stop motion project was “mad motion”. Using the pixilation technique makes it possible to create film material in which people can move in crazy, unusual ways. In my team of three, we decided to perform the mad motion lying on the ground and capturing it from above. The story is me being haunted by a shadow monster in my sleep. To support the story we recorded sounds ourselves, such as the rustling of the duvet, running footsteps or the monster’s growls.

The story starts with an introduction in which I am fast asleep before being bothered by the shadow monster. When it first shows up, I am scared and try to hide in a corner of the bed. The shadow monster was originally made keeping a hand in front of the lens and made bigger and scarier in postproduction.

The following shots show me first trying to run away from the shadow monster. Eventually, I decide to sneak up to it and fight. There is some mad motion in the fight scenes, including a double front flip. It seems as if the monster is winning, kicking me out of view.

Within my team, my main responsibility was the planning of the ending. The monster seems to have disappeared. I come sneaking out from between the bedsheets. When the monster reappears, I manage to finally defeat it by catching it with a pillowcase. At the very end, I changed the style to live-action, adding a little twist to the story.